Paintball Menorca
Action and fun

Pure adrenaline in our paintball sessions in the only facility in Menorca. Enjoy with total safety of the best paintball games in the island, closely supervised by our titled professionals and first quality equipment. You will repeat for sure: you are going to love our proposal.

Action and more action: share with your friends an unforgettable experience in Menorca. Team work, strategy and lots of fun guaranteed for you and your friends, in a safe and comfortable facility.

And after playing, your can relax and discuss your experience in our restaurant - bar.

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The game

  • Paintball is a sport in which the players use a marker, because they were formerly used in farms to mark the cattle. They were sold in farming magazines and were also used to mark trees and plantations. The markers are acted by compressed air, CO₂ or other pressurized gasses, that propel tiny balls full of ink to hit and mark the other players.

    It is a complex strategy game in which the players that are hit are eliminated, sometimes just for a while, others times for good, depending of the type of game being played. It is curious to note that is one of the safest outdoor sports.

    The basic equipment for playing paintball is not expensive, although professional gear could be really expensive. The number of paintballs shot during a game varies greatly, depending on the type of game and the style of the players: some of them shot by the hundreds, while others barely shot or do not shot at all during the game.

  • We dediced to start Paintball TGP Menorca because it was not offered in Menorca and we thought that it could be interesting for young and not-so-young people.

    This game is strongly recommended to people doing coaching sessions, business incentive activities, it is perfect for sport teams as well, business and companies, families, birthday celebrations, stag or bachelorette parties, etc.

    Because there is no physicall contact at all, tactics, strategy and communication are paramount to win, and so it is an incredible practice in order to strengthen or develop team work skills. In order for the team to success, all the individual players should develop their team skills. If we add to this the perfect mix or adrenaline, fun, sport, nature and leisure, paintball becomes a unique and very enjoyable activity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum age requirement?
    Minimum age has been set in 10, although all minors should be authorised by a responsible grown up.

    What type of shoes do you recommend?
    We recommend sneakers or trekking shoes, and it is better if they are a bit old.

    Do you provide gloves?
    No, we do not provide gloves. The rest of equipment is provided, but the customer could bring his or her own gloves.


  • How long does it take?
    All in all it is about one and a half hours. This includes the registration process, equipment, rules and safety explanations and the game time itself.

    How many people could play?
    At least 6 people are required to play and there should not be more than 20 people. If there are more than 20 people, you could play anyway, but the game will be organized in 3 or more teams.

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of game

Usually in a regular paintball match two teams compete in order to eliminate all the oponent players and/or accomplish a mission, such as capturing a flag o tagging a giver player. A typical paintball game could take from 5 minutes up to half an hour.

  • Eliminate the opponent

    You have to eliminate the opponent team. The first team to do it, wins the game.

  • Capture the flag

    A flag is set in the center of the field. The first team able to grab the flag and carry it to the end of the opponent's field wins the game.

  • Double flag

    Each team has two flags in its field. The first team able to capture the two rival flags wins the game.

  • Defend the flag

    A team has a flag closer to its field, and the team players shoudl defend it from the attacks of the opponent team, that has to get it in a given time.

  • Attack the flag

    Un equipo debe intentar capturar a bandera que estará en el campo contrario durante el tiempo de partida.

  • Blind game

    Both teams start in the center of the field. They are set back against back and they should slowly walk towards the end of their own fields. When the referee yells "go", the game starts.

  • Rescue the prisoner

    A player of each team is located in a cubicle on the center of the field and then each team should rescue its own prisoner.



    100 15 €
    200 23 €
    300 25 €

    Additional reloads of 100 balls € 5 and 50 balls € 2.50.

    * Groups from 20 people 21 € 250 balls.
  • Telephone

    (+34) 659 249 239
    (+34) 619 198 359



    Av. Cales Piques s/n
    07769 Cala'n Blanes
    Ciutadella de Menorca

The best

  • We have one of the best facilities in the country. We have two huge changing rooms with 5 showers each, hot water, hair dryers, lockets, toilets, muzak and air conditioned. Without a doubt, all these made our facilities one of the most complete and comfortable, so that que our customers can have a shower and rest after the games.

  • And once that the different games are over, after a relaxing shower, you can chill and have lunch or dinner at our restaurant - bar, where - of course - you can also celebrate birthday parties, family meetings, business events, star and/or bachelorette parties, etc.

    And we remind you that you could also enjoy there the best gluten-free pasta and pizzas in the island.

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